Any Place Is Home In A Schult House Trailer

Our Construction

Schult Lewistown has one of the most experienced management and construction teams in the industry. Our homes are constructed under perfect building conditions which include a climate controlled environment. We use the highest quality materials from names such as Frigidaire, Georgia Pacific and Certainteed to name a few. On top of this, we have multiple inspection processes throughout the home build. Did you know that on average, a Schult Home is inspected 200 times from beginning to end? In comparison, stick built homes average 6-7 inspections. Schult has always been known as an innovative builder. With our in-house design and drafting team, we are able to customize our numerous home plans to meet your needs and desires. And Schult was applying “green” building processes and materials to the construction of its homes, even prior to green becoming a new age term. Average waste from a Schult Home can fit into (2) 30 gallon containers!!